God Willing: How to survive expat life in Qatar Paperback




By 2012, Qatar had been riding the crest of a strong and massive wave. Rich beyond its wildest dreams, the nation leveraged its reserves of oil and gas to pull itself into the 21st century. And the country was moving at a breakneck pace, much like Dubai before it, trying to cram a century worth of social and economic development into a small window of opportunity. But the social unrest happening in Qatar was what the outside world couldn’t see, and what the new hotels, shopping malls, and building activities tended to hide.


This book captures that brief moment in a time-the complicated mixture of wealth, ambition, and religion that all came together when a prosperous, yet isolated, kingdom opened its doors to the world. Mikolai was on a trip there. So this book gives both a historical account of the bright lights so excess and a guide to potential ex-pats. “Whether you’re considering a job offer in Qatar, or just want to learn more about the country, this book offers a brutally honest, often hilarious take on ex-pat life in the tiny Gulf state. You’ll learn how to navigate the local bureaucracy, buy a car you can’t afford, drink your way to success, and end up in a chartered helicopter with Naomi Campbell. Also, and this is important, how to come home in one piece. You’ve never seen the Middle East quite like this before.”


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